Leading the water into the city helps to regulate the air, reduce dust and noise

In the real estate investment world, there is always the saying “The first is near the urban, the second is near the river”. That shows how valuable real estate near rivers and lakes is in terms of benefits. This article will share perspectives on the water pipeline deep into the city.

Usually, cities are divided to have green areas, including parks and lakes to balance with construction density. However, the key problem is that pollution, noise and dust are located in the main traffic routes where a large number of vehicles pass daily.

I have been to Vietnam, a developing country, with interlaced road systems and no subway. Nguyen Trai route is located in Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi for the past 2 decades, there has been no solution to overcome traffic jams as well as reduce dust and noise.

nguyentrai street hanoi traffic jam

The restriction of immigration from the provinces to the city has made this arterial traffic route always in a deadlock. Accompanying the clearance to widen the road is almost impossible.

The solution I came up with was to force the road to be widened twice, and to alternate a stream of clean water running along that Nguyen Trai street. Even ships can travel on water.

The Channel would make the big chances for the city. Especially when the street has been widened and with the channel nearby. Now you will see the noise, dust have been disappeared; and the air is fresh with this channel

Understanding this theory; now you will see the property investors always apply this when they build the new urban – leading the water near your house is the best way for air ventilation. And it can help to increase the price of real estate

The city of Amsterdam is an example, when the city builder understand this theory when they lead the water in each blog street. And Amsterdam now has become the best attraction for tourism.

China Property Project with digging the channel around the apartment that create the natural view and benefits from water in ventilation of the air.

china property
china property project with water channel

I lived in Vietnam for 2 years, and I also know some property projects with villas near the artificial channels.

The doctrine of leading water into each main street, into each block house, street block is always important. If this is applied, the people will benefit, their health will be stable, the negative impacts from the city will be reduced, and the landscape will be harmonious.